A wardrobe is a reflection of ourselves

Happiness begins at home, and the happiest place at home is the wardrobe. You should never feel restricted by the contents of what is inside. The key is to be organised, and that is where we come in. Wardrobe Boss is here to ensure that all items are sectioned - from shoes, to bags, to clothes, to jewellery, you name it! We make sure each item is placed, perfectly stored, and accessible. Nothing feels worse than not knowing where a specific item is or why it has disappeared, or having it pushed to the back of your wardrobe making it inaccessible.

Have no fear, Wardrobe Boss is here!


A love for organization, colour coordination & simplicity

Meet Gabriella Simioni, also known as "The Wardrobe Boss." 

I have always been recognised for having a perfectly organised home, especially my wardrobe. Being the eldest of four sisters I have always taken charge of making sure my sister's wardrobes were immaculate. Since of a young age it has always been a natural instinct for me.

After many years of familiarising myself within the fashion industry and attending various fashion week shows, I strongly believe that the clothing you wear reflects your personality, It is a way to show others who you are and the style you inhibit. I believe that a carefully organised wardrobe can speak a thousand words. 

I have ultimately created Wardrobe Boss to help streamline people's style, develop their own individuality and eliminate stress.

Tidy wardrobe, tidy mind.

With love ,

WB x 




Declutter the clutter

This service is the most common and the most appreciated !

We all have unnecessary items which are stored and forgotten – normally at the back of your wardrobe ! All this does is give you the illusion that you have sufficient up to date clothing and a full wardrobe. The reality is the contrary.

Our service de clutters and starts from the beginning. All items are inspected, categorised, and grouped together. Unnecessary items are eliminated and/or sold, and you have the opportunity to “start fresh”. 

Wardrobe Boss helps achieve an immaculate, well organised, colour coordinated, wardrobe leaving it spick and span and ready to use !


Tidy shelf for your health

Our Home Boss service eliminates the day-to-day jumble which we all know easily accumulates around the house. 

Home Boss achieves this by storing chosen items in appropriate containers/drawers. Whether it be a study area, children's playroom or even that one shelf in the house that is known as the 'clutter shelf'.

We organise everything with purpose resulting in a clean, clear, and organised environment in order to prevent

We all know how difficult it is to maintain a tidy room, let us help!


With no mess, you'll stress less

We are all well aware that moving house or even moving abroad is an extremely stressful moment.

Wardrobe Boss offers a smooth, fast-running, stress-free experience prior to the official move. We will arrange, pack, and label your entire wardrobe in a way that YOU recognise which will in turn allow a smooth and fast re entry as required.

Organisation and Preparation are Key to avoiding a messy, stressy experience.



Wardrobe Boss: Standard two-door wardrobe Price upon consultation
Wardrobe Boss: Four-door wardrobe Price upon consultation
Walk-in wardrobe: Price upon consultation
Home Boss: Price upon consultation
Removal Boss: Price upon consultation



Hear it from them!

The most refreshing experience I’ve ever had! Who knew a service like this could be so useful! As a mother of three and barely having time to gather my thoughts, Wardrobe Boss has given me such structure in my home that it has become delightful to live in. An extremely professional and fast service, from start to finish. Would strongly recommend.

Samantha, Sloane Square

Wardrobe Boss helped me in so many ways and made moving home seem effortless. Everything was so well organised, from beginning to end. Couldn't recommend enough!! 

Chelsea, Knightsbridge

A million times thank you to Wardrobe Boss! What an excellent service, such passion and determination to get things done - just brilliant.  

Jessie Brown, Fulham



If you wish to receive further information on how Wardrobe Boss can convert your home, please do not hesitate to contact us on           +44 7494480971

Alternatively, you may fill in the form provided. We assure to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours.



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